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  Using The Crab is easy - most of the time you won't have to do anything, The Crab will do the work for you.
Say you have an album which is very unorganized - files named randomly, tags written in a random fashion, no playlist etc. Let's try and organize it with The Crab.

Load the program, click 'Open' and find your album:


The Crab will read the files and try searching for your album automatically. If it is not entirely messed up, there is a good chance, that it will be found. If the search succeeds, you will be presented with a dialog, listing the best matches for your album:


If the search fails, you can try searching yourself manually. You can always quit searching and edit the files manually, by double clicking them. You may also want to do that if, say, the data source got something wrong. You can also remove files, that do not belong to the album and do other operations using the file context menu:


After you are done searching and editing click the 'Apply' button and let The Crab do the rest:


After that, all the files will be correctly named in a unique fashion, their album covers will be written to their ID tags, a playlist will be generated and so on. Now all you have to do is enjoy your music:


So as you can see, working with The Crab is a piece of cake!

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What's New ?

2012-04-29: version 0.2.0-2
  • Emergency release after more Amazon API changes
2011-11-29: version 0.2.0-1 2010-08-13: version 0.2.0
  • A full rewrite which includes added plugin support for data sources and taggers
  • More file formats supported, e.g. .wma, .ogg, .flac
  • Lots of small updates
2006-08-02: version 0.1.0
  • First version